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Guitaring, guitaring, guitaring... (a.k.a. Naski's Short Bio)

Naski started playing guitar at the age of 14. He quickly became familiar with advanced techniques and solo lines. A major influence was the music of the early Van Halen and classic rock bands like Deep Purple and Black Sabbath.


The first successful band for original music that he formed was called Elite. The members were Villi Jurov (vocals), Mike Milano (bass), Julian Trakov (keyboards) and Ivo Ivanchev (drums). Very fast they gained a nationwide recognition. Naski was also invited for a lead guitarplayer at the number one rock band in Bulgaria at that time, Signal, and he played there for a short period of time.


In 1990 Elite moved to Holland to find quick promotion for their music, which was exclusively done in English. The next 2 years they recorded several projects and worked with the record company Bavel Bavel (Rotterdam) but the rise of the Seattle music left the classic rock far behind.


Naski went back to Bulgaria where he teamed up with Oggi Colov, a famous singer and a childhood friend. They formed the band Stonehenge with members Oggi Sol (vocals), Naski Corelo (guitars), Peter Karapski (bass) and Daniel Hoof (drums). The first recorded album was Forgotten Faces. The reception of the music was great and Naski was recognized as a virtuoso guitar hero. The band took part in several major festivals in Serbia and Bulgaria and started extensive touring. A few years later, with a new drummer, Ivo Ivanchev, the album Confused World was recorded (1997). For the first time the songs were created in Bulgarian to help popularize the music.


In the late 1999 Naski decided to move to USA in search of new opportunities. Oggi, his singer, and Peter, the bass player, joined him in hopes of new adventures. Several projects were recorded with songs like "Don't fly away" and "Someday". Naski always works on finding new and richer ways to express his music vision, which is built on solid classic ground with clean riffs and mind-blowing solo lines. After a few years of work, Naski had to part with Oggi, because the latter moved to LA. After a long and tiring search for a new vocalist, and working with his former bass player Mike Milano, Naski decided to invite Mats Leven, former Yngwee Malmsteen singer, to record the vocs for his latest project. At the same time, he also started working on the album Universe of Love, in collaboration with Goran Edman who, in his long career, had worked with names like John Noram from the band Europe and later recorded two albums with Yngwee Malmsteen. Julian, Naski's famous former keys player also joined the band and recordings started in late 2010 with Chicago legend Greg Potter on drums.

Presently Naski is getting ready to come back presenting his new works The One and Universe of Love. Still shopping for the right record label, Naski is looking forward to get on stage very soon, some place near you. So get ready!

Universe of Love

Naski Corelo & Goran Edman

About the Album

Universe of Love is a classic rock album with some soul and blues overtones with passionate guitar works and beautiful vocal lines, which lifts the experience to a new higher level. The lyrics reflect Naski's life experience and knowledge about love, relationships, and the meaning of life. The strong spiritual infusion gives a strange uplift to the listener and the original solo lines transcend the known reality to much higher ones, where intuitive and spontaneity bring new awareness of a different kind.


  • Naski Corelo - guitar
  • Goran Edman - vocal
  • Mike Milano - bass
  • Julian Trek - keyboards
  • Gregg Potter - drums

Album track samples

The One

Naski Corelo & guest Mats Leven

About the album

The One is a collaboration work accomplished with the efforts of Mats Leven, on vocals, to express the Living Divine Law. His mysterious voice is at times like the voice of a messenger conveying eternal realities. Musically the album has its own place with original riffs, passionate solos from Naski and such mysterious and revealing work from Mats Leven. The music will be enjoyed by a broad range of listeners, because of its multiple levels found within, where new elements are discovered every time one goes back to it.


  • Naski Corelo - guitar
  • Mats Leven - vocal
  • Mike Milano - bass
  • Julian Trek - keyboards
  • Gregg Potter - drums

Album track samples

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Naski is currently located in Chicago, Illinois

Email: naskicorelo@yahoo.com
Facebook: /NaskiCorelo